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Loving it here already...

Reblogged from The Fiction Conniption:

Gotta say, this site came around at the perfect time for me. I recently joined up with Team Tynga's Reviews (woohoo!!) and will be posting weekly reviews there. But there was still part of me thinking about re-launching my old book blog The Fiction Conniption, because there are still so many bookish type things I want to talk about outside of my weekly reviews at Tynga's. Plus I miss all my book blogging buddies. But I'm just way too busy to take on a whole blog again by myself, and don't really have the time to put in all the effort again!



Enter: Booklikes! It's the perfect combination of Tumblr and Goodreads for me (so far), and I love that they already have all this functionality even though it's such a young site. I'm thinking I'll probably use this site to post my other bookish thoughts, musings, and extra reviews - while still calling my real online home Tynga's. 



So excited! :)