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Alternatives to Goodreads

Reblogged from David's 'Clan' Blog:

I personally cannot spare the time to evaluate lots of different alternatives to Goodreads so I have focussed my attention on Booklikes - my key consideration is to be away from Amazon! - Booklikes is an attractive site and seem so far to be particularly responsive to help requests and development - if currently a little short on functionality (like simple friending and easy comments) personally I haven't found a really simple way of simply adding friends without specifically following them. I do believe however that they are working on functionality and will listen to requests - so in my view the more of us who back them - the better site we will get. If they turn out to be a complete 'Chocolate teapot' like Goodreads have become - well, eventually I will simply move again. But I hope they wont and I trust they will continue to be as responsive and proactive as they seem to be at the moment. In the end though - anything is better than assisting in the destruction of the literary world by pouring more and more power into the Amazon juggernaut.