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Background for a ‘search bar’ - what to do when your background is dark and search bar in your menu have dissapeared.

Reblogged from AnHeC (I'm too fucking busy and vice versa):

If you decided to go ‘full darkness’ with me in my previous post, your search bar probably  isn’t there. Let’s get it back!


*Oh, and you might want to change colour of links and stuff on all pages (timeline & shelf too). Otherwise you have a mess there.


*You also might have forgotten about changing colour of links to next and previous page on your blog. You might want to do it.



I repeat! Look for ‘href’! Figure out what you need to change!





Ok, now with this out of the way let’s get to our search bar (this is probably the easiest and the shortest tutorial I’ve made)


That’s my search bar:



That’s current code:



That’s what we want to add:






You can set any color you want! But if you’re using colour codes (you can find them on the internet – that’s how you get a huge variety of colours!) it would look like that:



As always, don’t forget to save! And remember to copy&paste same code modification on all your pages (blog, timeline, shelf, followers….)